Witchcraft Classes (Full 3 month)

Witchcraft Classes (Full 3 month)

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The thing everyone's been waiting for..

Open enrollment is now.

Classes start Sept 3rd.

These classes are open to up to 42 ppl. 

The class session is 3 months, ending Nov 12, 2021. These are presented live in a Facebook group with 3 classes per month and 1 week break. With a total of 9 classes. But the majority of the time the student gets 1 to 3 extra classes! These classes are for the student who knows some basic to intermediate knowledge but wants to grow! There is absolutely no telling what I'll teach in these classes because I flow with the students and what appeals to them. I even poll future classes so the student can vote for what they truely want to learn!!!!  You will never feel this is a class. You will feel you're talking to a friend. 

Unfortunately you must pay in full. 😊


If you are disrespectful to any other student you will be "escorted" from the class. With no refund of service. 

If you expose any other members of the class or harass them -unwanted. Then again you will be "escorted" from class and no refund given. 

The rules are simple..

1. Privacy.. No one should ever post or share content of classes. Period. Exposing members of my coven is strictly prohibited and something I do not take lightly. 

2. Be respectful.. This means no harrasment arguing sexual behaviors of any type. This is not where you go with drama. There should be nothing but family within this coven.. period. But I mean it ..... 


3. Do not upset the teacher .... The Classes May be paid. But I give them from the best place in my heart. Meaning, please do not be rude or class upsetting. I will not tolerate it. And will be sure to "escort" you from the class. No refund given. 

Follow these rules and we will have no isses!