INTERMEDIATE Witchcraft Classes (Monthly) with WHISPERS & GZ
INTERMEDIATE Witchcraft Classes (Monthly) with WHISPERS & GZ
INTERMEDIATE Witchcraft Classes (Monthly) with WHISPERS & GZ
INTERMEDIATE Witchcraft Classes (Monthly) with WHISPERS & GZ

INTERMEDIATE Witchcraft Classes (Monthly) with WHISPERS & GZ

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The thing everyone's always asking for..

Open enrollment is now year long..

I have a current coven member count of 27 members I was recently given by my spirits permission to increase the size of coven which is very good for you being that the current size was not open to more then 33 then 36 students for years now.

These classes are open to up to 66 ppl. 

••The class session is now monthly, every month on the 1st it must be renewed. These are presented live in a Facebook group with 3 classes per month. And usually you receive a 4th class free! These classes are for the student who knows some basic to intermediate knowledge but wants to grow! There is absolutely no telling what I'll teach in these classes because I flow with the students and what appeals to them. I’m proud to announce that GZ will be a teacher along with me in alternating classes. He is a priest in the temple and is growing daily. I’m proud to present him and his methods in this class! We will even poll future classes so the student can vote for what they truely want to learn!!!!  You will never feel this is a class. You will feel you're talking to a friend. And can ask anything. 

You must pay in full upfront for your months worth of classes. 😊 Every month on the 1st of the month. Numbers have meaning! 


If you are disrespectful to any other student you will be "escorted" from the class. With no refund of service. 

If you expose any other members of the class or harass them -unwanted. Then again you will be "escorted" from class and no refund given. 

The rules are simple..

1. Privacy.. No one should ever post or share content of classes. Period. Exposing members of my coven is strictly prohibited and something I do not take lightly. 

2. Be respectful.. This means no harrasment arguing sexual behaviors of any type. This is not where you go with drama. There should be nothing but family within this coven.. period. But I mean it ..... 


3. Do not upset the teachers .... The Classes May be paid. But we give to students from the best place in oour heart. Meaning, Do not be rude or class upsetting. We will not tolerate it. And will be sure to "escort" you from the class. No refund given. 

Follow these rules and we will have no isses!

To enter these classes there is a couple of things that must happen... 

1. You must tell us why you want this, and why this coven specifically, you must also tell us about your path experience and current level upfront so we can be sure you are in the right level of class... You must also undergo spiritual assessment which is where you allow ME to have your photo your full name and your date of birth to ask my spirits/demons/ancestors and etc, if you may enter the class. That is because this is not only a class but this is also a coven which is a family and is sacred.

2. Now that we've said number one let's get to number two where we repeat basically the ending of number one, this is a very sacred environment and if you manage to get into the class you're actually very lucky because this is a coven where you happen to be given classes/protected/accepted/loved/welcomed and taught by a very experienced master witch, occultist with many many specialties that happens to have generations of family ties to the craft will personally teach you live (MYSELF AND BLOODLINE AND SPIRITS). AND A EXPERIENCED PRIEST OF MY COVEN WILL TEACH HIS METHODS AS WELL.. You should know from watching us on Instagram or Facebook or any media source you may have found us that we take care of MY COVEN WITHOUT MERCY. Taking very serious the responsibility of the well-being, personal safety and spiritual safety of each and every member of coven ... As well as their personal privacy, the actual group itself is secret and no one will ever know you're within that group. Every member of the coven is under a protection ritual at the moment they are accepted into my coven. Not a simple protection ritual an aggressive protection ritual which is repeated with every single member, that is what makes this a layered protection.

This protection is for their well-being and the overall good of the coven, as it also prevents any of the coven from harming one of their own.... this coven is family all the way or else you would never make it past the assessment which is a very integral part of becoming our student and My Coven. 

• You can expect to sign a coven agreement of everything  you just read upon entry. For the wellbeing of yourself and everyone else in this coven 🙂‍↔️

DO NOT PAY FOR THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO ME OR GZ... You can easily find me on Instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon , @el_brujo_del_infierno

**For coven members: please pay here for all future payments.