The ritual of Unrequited Love

The ritual of Unrequited Love

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I am proud to present you

The Ritual of Unrequited love

I will be casting the Ritual in the Void,  in the planetary hour of Venus. On a Friday.. With the flower of love Potion Ive had for 6 years ! And in the gates of manifestation while working both inner temple and outer. 


This ritual is to bring in love when it’s unrequited unappreciated never noticed undervalued set without worth throwing like trash, when eyes see with love, while others see with ego, when lovers are used, when time is lost, & can  never be gotten back, when hearts are broken, this ritual is for you. We know we see, and we will do our best to change it. Each of us will work with our own individual entities in this, and because of such they shall not be named.

Sometimes you can’t allow those we love to run over us. You have to stand up and say no more. You will do what you promised you will no longer look at me with eyes of use or abuse. Everyone eventually pays the piper. This is their time to pay. Consider this an aggressive, very convincing way to make someone see things your way.

This is NOT a group ritual


A. Anything goes

B. With harm to none.

To book this virtual contact @whispers_of_the_dark_moon via Instagram after you have paid with a receipt full name, date of birth, photos, and options. 


*Absolutely do not copy these rituals

Photos are not enough to know what’s going on inside of a ritual

Some of the entities we work with are extremely dangerous to those who do not know how to work with them

By copying this ritual in your own home, could mean the end of your relationship or the harm of self, if done incorrectly, which would be the only option, because you have not been taught how to do our rituals.

Do not copy ancient rituals without knowledge of what is there in.