The “Ritual” You Need For that one “B****”
The “Ritual” You Need For that one “B****”

The “Ritual” You Need For that one “B****”

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Oh yeah you heard that right !!






lower demonic entities 




rotted meat 



certain graveyard dirts (😈)

asylum powder 

People powder

Prison power

sheriff  powder

dam roots

Little animals (😈)

Spirit trap

Soul trap

Bodily trap

Astral trap

block builders

People juice (🩸) 

Curdled milk


Curse pot

Curse jar

their name on Zozo’s list

Pack of suffering

Return x‘s 11

And then what I like to think of as the people trap… trust me you do not want to be on the end of that. People trap isn’t what you think. And nobody wants to be one of my people traps. ..
But trust me you want your target to be lol !! 

There is so much more in this and involved in this, and I just don’t feel telling these items and these ways and entities is telling how I do it. Lol  

those are just a few small things involved !

Compared to the gran scope of things…., that’s literally just like sprinkles on a cake lol 😂 

what’s it all for? 

we all have that one .. male female or otherwise .. there’s always .., that one ….

and now there is a way … to “DEAL” with it …


1. 💀🤷🏼‍♀️

2. No harm but harm (just no 💀 basically) 

3. I still care about this bit•h so just a solid lesson but that’s all …

The cost of this ritual as it is will only be this price until after Día del los Muertos as a gift to balance my deeds. 

To book this must contact me on my Instagram!! 
scammers are out there make sure it’s me


do not attempt to do any working that I do. These are my magic, my way, my rituals and absolutely no one other person than me knows how to do them. So if you are doing this ritual or others of mine you are copying the way it looks and not how it’s done! don’t do that, that’s fuxking dangerous to yourself and your family and your friends, and those people around you everywhere. Be wise …. Don’t do it