“The Ritual that’s Named after You”

“The Ritual that’s Named after You”

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This Ritual is SO CUSTOM that it’s named after you!

This ritual is a lot of work ! I mean intense work! 
No joke Ritual! And takes me making a plan and a lot of what you want and what I can provide . 

This is literally the ULTIMATE in made for you special rituals. The Ritual is named after you. 

YES I MEAN THAT! Named after you!

Please book with me prior for a consult 

•Don't just pay this and say I need a love ritual .
That won’t work. 

The only time this is allowed to be booked before a consult is if there is an active discount running and you book a consult at same time as this

Dear Client,

Some needs can NOT be cast in this way and if not I’ll explain why even if you book prior. Don’t worry. Things can and will always be handled by me bc I care about my clients. Be Blessed, Whispers 🌙 

This is merely the link for payment🖤

If you have been told to book or are interested in this please send receipt and info back to me ASAP by Instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon

•A note to the copy-cats and scammers : Thief Casters, any use of my rituals for more than an inspirational idea for your own rituals will curse you and every ritual you do there-after for 9 years. Scammers: Any use of my rituals as a scam to gain from someone else will cost you 11 years as the curse is standing and will never be removed by any caster no matter how good they are… (unless they can find it!) … The price I think is fair for harming one person in my name. To my casters & aspiring baby witches: If you use any of my rituals as a inspiration for your own you must tag me and say “I got the inspiration or idea from Whispers of the Dark Moon” bc I do want to see what you do with my rituals in your own way. Call me crazy but I’m proud to inspire others to be their unique self! Show me what you did and how you changed it. BUT YOU MUST NEVER COPY ME. The consequences are not worth it . Be blessed