The Ritual that Ritual Binds

The Ritual that Ritual Binds

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Oh you read that right, but maybe you just didn’t understand it. So let me explain it to you.

This ritual is one that I created a long time ago when I was 20 something years old to stop someone from escaping a ritual that was cast on them. This ritual binds someone to the ritual that was cast originally on them. You can do this in two ways. 

One you can cast at the time of casting, in addition to your ritual, casting.

Two. You can cast and then decide to come back later and bind this working on them so it cannot be removed.

I like to think of this ritual as the dirty way of making sure that your ritual has every possible chance of manifesting in one go. However, this isn’t for everyone, I want you to think about what you want that person bound to, remember the ritual that you’ve chosen to cast on them? Is it What you want to have there And possibly that for many years .. because unlike other people who cast bindings, I hide mine after they’ve been cast underground and hidden from sight with a full intention of only my eyes ever seeing it again, if need be. So no one can undo it. Except me. 

 yeah I’m that dirty…

Yeah you can can remove it!!! If you can find it first 🤣😈

 sorry mini evil laugh moment….

 You get the picture.

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I sincerely and wholeheartedly warn anyone from trying to copy this ritual. Least he be bound to the working that you’re binding, always think twice before doing things you don’t know how to do because one day they could bite you in the butt. Also, this is an original ritual that I create it. There is no other like it. Meaning it did not come from the book nor does anyone else know how to do it, so be wise don’t copy others work.