The Ritual of “So You Want To Play”

The Ritual of “So You Want To Play”

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This Ritual is one that gives you the client the power to finally play -not nice - with those who have played you or have played not nice as well..

This is pay back, manipulation, hardcore control, a literal fuxk you do what I say, a punch in the gut, a you thought you could!!! 

In other words you will finally be able to hurt those who hurt u ..

Show a motha fuxka they messed with the wrong one !

make sure they learn a few damn lessons ….

 Payback is a Biiiiiotch….

 This can be worked with in almost all situations.. from love to court. Very custom .. Casting March 9th

For this Ritual I will be working with a King & Queen djinn .:: 

Marid Djinn : 

the favored troops of Iblis, as they are the most powerful of all the types of jinn even if they are the least numerous. Marid are arrogant and proud, and as such can be compelled to perform chores. They are physically powerful and knowledgeable and very evil.

Marids are often described as the most powerful type of jinn, having especially great powers. They are the most arrogant and proud as well. Like every jinn, they have free will. They can become companions to humans but it involves battle, imprisonment, rituals, or copious amounts of flattery.

The Marid are the fewest in number among the Djinn, and the strongest. It is said that a Marid was the first Djinn, and his brothers began the other tribes. Marid are solitary beings, and often live near the coast. They are masters of the weather, and sailors are careful not to anger these Djinn. They can be seen to travel across water as a waterspout and have been known to wreck ships with the wind and waves they can cause. Many Marid delay their Choice until late in life, staying out of the struggle between Islam and diabolical powers. Indeed, many Marid left the mundane world as a result of the Council, choosing to leave rather than side with the two contesting powers. Iblis, the ancient leader of the Ifrit, is said to have a great hatred of the Marid. Legend says that it was the Marid that prevented the Ifrit and the Shaitan from destroying the Jinn in a great battle after the Council of Choice. A marid may appear as a wise old man or a porpoise, or a horse, leading travelers to wise courses.

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