The Ritual of “Secreta”

The Ritual of “Secreta”

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This is a very personal ritual for people whom have secret desires 😈

The ritual translates to The Ritual of Secrets…

I will be working with a Marid Djinn in this ritual from a specific Tribe Which I won’t mention … He will be the Epic backbone and granter of secret desires.., 

This Ritual can be for Love (oh many many many ways for love) .:: money, life , sexual , omg there is so many ways …

But .. there’s always a but isn’t there .. you can only put one desire in the ritual unless you book an additional secret desire…

What are Marid Djinn? 

A Marid ("rebellious") (Arabic: مارد‎ mārid), are the favored troops of Iblis, as they are the most powerful of all the types of jinn even if they are the least numerous. Marid are arrogant and proud, and as such can be compelled to perform. They are physically powerful and knowledgeable and can be very evil with the influence of the master however they are generally very neutral. Madrid Djinn are not to be played with and can be referenced to Solomon himself.