The Ritual of Santísima Muerte

The Ritual of Santísima Muerte

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La Santissima Muerte, “Blessed Death,” or “The Most Holy Death,” is a goddess in the form of a skeleton. She is a spirit of death💀, but she is also Death itself (makes complete sense when you think about it), La Santissima Muerte is loved and feared. La Santissima Muerte is adored  because you can ask her for anything, that means anything, even what others say no too. La Santissima Muerte is not petitioned like other deities “H*ll naw” this is death herself. Nobody and I mean nobody is like lets p•ss off death today, Sometimes and for some people (practitioners, casters and everyday people seeking help) it is dangerous to invoke her, and for many reason which vary a lot but is usually centered around NOT KNOWING WHAT THEY ARE DOING! but there is the fact that she can do everything that pushes people to attempt many things, she has access to all knowledge, and fears nothing. Nothing. Fearssssss nothing! 
Mi Querida Muerte is literally very unique in the fact that you can ask her anything from a run away lover, misbehaving lovers (nice way to put it), money, protection, luck, and many other less-smiled upon jobs and actions. After all, she doesn’t care where you came from or what you have done. She wants devotion and she has mine! Oh is she a jealous Madre she wants to be special to you from all others. Have a special place in your heart and life, and again she has mine! Well even your home for that matter! And she has mine!

The Ritual of Santa Muerte is a vast ritual Encompassing many purposes and is extremely personal to your situation. 
Id highly suggest a consult Through Santa Muerte if your confused about what you need or what is your situation. Otherwise Santa Muerte is extremely straight forward without caring about the whys. 
This Ritual depending on purpose is cast for Multiple days. 
Sometimes weeks. Again depending on purpose and situation. 

The same exchange for services is made for any area of work done by Santa Muerte because numbers have significance. Do not ask me to lower or change the exchange. Because I will not. For Anyone. It has significance and meaning. 

I offer very limited rituals working with Santa Muerte. And if the exchange is different it is because she herself has told me. 💀

To book this please reach out to me via Instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon with photos names dob and what’s requested of La Santísima Muerte.. again I suggest a Consult through Santa Muerte for this working however it is not necessary if you are willing to attempt this without one. Santa Muerte isn’t about what you ask, but what you think you need vs what you really need may not be the same.  

🔒Please Note: I do not teach my rituals to anyone. If anyone claims they know them, or anything associated to them, they are lying to you. I personally make these rituals. There is no others like them. Anywhere, only here, with me. There are many who try and attempt to copy my rituals even down to the names, the quotes, the colors. But know this.... Nobody other than me, knows how to do my personal "occult" rituals. Nobody. Not even my coven members know my personal "occult" Rituals (occult=hidden). You can only get my hands, mind, and knowledge, through me. Meaning even my We are Three covens hold their own ritual privacy as well. Not even my students or covens know my personal rituals. These are my private, personal workings. And there is no one who can replicate them at all. Or the We are Three Rituals for that matter, Anywhere. It's extremely dangerous to attempt to copy Rituals which you do not know anything about. Do not attempt to copy.