The Ritual of “Oporet Te Habere Peccata tua”- Pay Your Sins - Azazel

The Ritual of “Oporet Te Habere Peccata tua”- Pay Your Sins - Azazel

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“I am proud to bring to you the Ritual of “The Oporet te Habere Peccata Tua” ! Pay Your Sins !! With Azazel…

Let’s Meet Azazel ;

In human form, Azazel is a tall man appearing to be in his twenties with an average build, black hair, golden bangs and black goatee. He also possesses two feathered wings that grow out from his back. It is described by Enoch to be a never ending black. 

In his Angelic form, Azazel is a colossal humanoid being at least thrice as high as the Everest mountain, with skin darker than midnight. He has a total of three pairs of tattered, flaming black-feathered wings growing from his back; with two cover his face, two cover his feet, and two uses to fly. In this form, his face is described to resemble his regular face, yet possesses such perfect and intricate features that no regular beings could ever have.

In his true form, Azazel is described as an intensely strong light, melting the eyes of people around him with a powerful voice capable of breaking windows. According to some, Azazel's true form is as big as the Mount Olympus.

Azazel is an immensely powerful fallen angel, being one of the most powerful fallen angels of the Watcher. In ancient times, he was considered a malevolent primordial being, born from the darkness within the Biblical God's heart, manifesting as a Fallen Angel to bring humans, monsters, and gods to their knees for their own sins, with him, in particular, being the sin of the violence of war. There are many deities, who may or still are, afraid of his immense strength, as they know they would never be able to rival him in terms of power. Even after being weakened by his fall, Azazel still possesses strength greater than many gods. 

He knows the journey of the black flame and the journey of the black sun and he has gained the wisdom of darkness. He can act as a guide helping people through the darkness of their soul and helping them to find balance. Both a healer and a warrior he is incredibly balanced and one who can offer profound guidance and wisdom.

What’s the Ritual Do?

This ritual makes Eye for an Eye look like a joke.. This is epic payback. This is tthey suffer .. not like you suffered .. No no they suffer like you wantes them to suffer .. because “F••• that shit” In this year there is nobody who has time or energy for this sort of F••• sh•t anymore ,.. 

period …. 

those who need this .. will know what’s up with it