The Ancient Ritual of Marduk, Anu & Shamash : Wealth

The Ancient Ritual of Marduk, Anu & Shamash : Wealth

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Who are these Ancients? 


Lord of the Gods of Both Heaven and Earth! that title was earned!


God of the heavens, Some texts literally state the entire universe is within him. 

God of the Sun, and has been known for Justice as well .

These are not just gods of a singular time or myth, these gods are literally over many cultures, beliefs, times and periods.. These are well known Gods and even today well known ancient Gods. 

We will be working with & through these 3 Gods to achieve wealth. 
As I do not give my secrets away with ancient deities I won’t go into how I will be doing this But I will say the power of one over the other is a powerful tool in some workings 😉 This will be done with meticulous detail and because of that this must be considered one of the more in-depth rituals I do, Ancient entities were never to be taken lightly and to be able to do this ritual alone required the study of the entire Pantheon over 3 different cultures (well 4). I’m still working on  my ancient Sumerian Language !! But I feel that never stops! (Sorry a teacher by nature) 

This is a ritual that will bring divine wealth to those whom choose… seek and you shall find. 

contact me via Instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon with photos name dob and receipt 

This is an ancient God Ritual with all my deepest and most sincerest warnings do not attempt to do this at home without knowledge and do not attempt to copy this … you have been warned ☝️