The Ritual of “ Do as I say Biotch”

The Ritual of “ Do as I say Biotch”

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This is exactly what you think…..

This isn’t at all in the white area.. THIS IS BLACK MAGIC.. 

It breaks someone’s will.. and make them do as you say- or else suffer. 

Depending on your situation the demonic entities which will be worked with will change accordingly. This is so personal of a ritual that it can not be repeated twice in the same way. Consider this a very very custom ritual with breaking will in Main focus. 
This is not like the do as I say spells you see out  there.. this has NOTHING to do with the way those are done. 
This is serious. dark. and does break will. Buy two ways.,

A. Any way possible

 B. No harm to any

 please contact me via insta to book.. 


Be careful.. There’sa Lot of people impersonating me , copying me, and scamming others. I never reach out to you. You must contact me.