The Reading with -Djinn-

The Reading with -Djinn-

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This should be booked before important decisions or Rituals …. 

 This will always be a scheduled reading … 

social media only !

I have secrets I will never reveal! Do not ask!

30-40 min depending on what is found and how they communicate with you …,


What are Djinn?  

“As spiritual entities, the jinn are considered dual dimensional,” wrote Amira El-Zein.

To her point, jinn are thought to be amorphous, and capable of shape-shifting into human or animal form. “Jinn eat, drink, sleep, procreate, and die,” said El-Zein. This provides them with an eerie advantage in our world. These spirits aren’t entirely good or bad, jinn are lower in rank than angels (although they would highly disagree)— and even are capable of human possession ( Just like all other spirits that walk the plane lol don’t think this is unique to them, there are some human spirits that are far worse to remove than any djinn could ever be - intranquilos- for example). 

Knowledge is power.

  • Jinns are made up of a smokeless mix of fires, just like energy.
  • Jinns have no original shape and have the ability to take the shape of anything. They tend to take the shape of Dogs and Snakes or of something that terrifies humans, although they don’t actually look that way.
  • Jinns live in a parallel universe/dimension, giving them the ability to see into our dimension while being invisible to the human eye.
  • We can only see Jinns if and when they want us to see them. (unless you’re me lol)
  • Jinns can appear in the form of dead people as well.
  • Jinns live like us; they eat, drink and marry just like we do.
  • Jinns travel in the speed of light.
  • Jinns have the strength of 40/50/60 human men, some even more …. 
  • Jinns could turn mass into energy and back into mass. (stuff just disappearing and reappearing)
  • Djinn are immensely intelligent.. Be careful if you think you can lie to one … they have seen that before .., trust me. 
  • Jinn must have hierarchy to be happy. 
  • Jinns live much longer than us, thousands and thousands of years. They span time it’s self… 
  • There are different types of Jinns. Each type has a different strength or ability tribe location culture and etc. 
  • Jinns can run through you like your blood does and give you thoughts. Imagine that! Small enough to run through your veins !!! 
  • There are Muslim and Non-muslim Jinn. They have many beliefs … Christian, Buddhist, Jewish.. you name they have it.. and more likely they have a few of their own! 
  • Sone djinn like the dirt. So keep your house clean !
  • It takes special people to work with Djinn and it’s not control! They work with !!!! Not force!! If someone tells you otherwise ——-> BE AFRAID 
  • There is a specific magic done by a magician communicating with the Jinn, by asking him for favors and in return we the magician do favors back!! But there is so much more to this that it is unbelievable! You will never become the ultimate in this type of magic because you will never stop learning! Imagine if you were going to be an architect but classes never ended!
  • Magicians often times go through a lot to help you even unseen ! They can be harmed even physically (removing others magic or curses is a tough job)! 
  • Always remember never do this at home because it can be dangerous to you!
  • Djinn have a very unique gift of finding the info you need by peering into your targets life making then very unique to readings by 1st hand recommendations on actions needed!!!!! 

  • Djinn are incredibly powerful wonderful and sometimes dangerous entities that can do amazing things when ask properly ! 😉😏

This is not for everyone but for whom it is —— is.

Those whom know … know.  


If you have been told to book this please send receipt and info back to me ASAP by Instagram …@whispers_of_the_dark_moon