The Group- Ritual of “Who I Once Was” July 13th

The Group- Ritual of “Who I Once Was” July 13th

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This ritual is working through Lord Lucifer,

I have really done some thought before releasing this to the public .. and finally decided it is needed .. to much pain in the world … This is for all my heartbroken and life destroyed men & women.. this is for those who have lost the smile off their faces …

This ritual takes you back to the person you once were before the hurt, suffering, pain, tears, worries, ended relationship, abuse, it takes you back to the real you … The you that you miss… the person you once were that gave you happiness and freedom.. the breath of air… the omg ahhhh of knowing the person you were can be you again.. people sometimes lose themselves and miss that part of them and want it back desperately..

I want to give you a chance at life again.. a chance at happiness again … the real innocent true you where there was wonder in the world and love meant something more than pain.

Allow me and Lord Lucifer to give that back to you ….. Nobody deserves to lose themselves because the world made them lose their splendor. There as a time that just breathing and looking at the sky was enough... There was a time when life just felt different...

Time to be who you once were...

Let’s start that part of your life up again. And make you remember who u once were and that person emerge aGain.

Sometimes we all need help.

Let Lord Lucifer and myself bring you back to life ...

Youre just lost ... Let us find you . 


C͟A͟S͟T͟I͟N͟G͟ D͟A͟T͟E͟ I͟S͟ July 13 on the half Moon in Libra 

The half moon means ᑕᕼᗩᑎᘜᗴ! 

This moon in Iibra means REVIVAL & TRANSFORMATION! 
Im taking 13 clients only …