The Ritual of the Dark Trio-Destructive Love

The Ritual of the Dark Trio-Destructive Love

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This is plain and simple love me or else (I mean or else)
This is the epitome of do what I say.

This takes a person with a strong will and breaks them slowly until they can’t take any more and submit. 

I was going to offer this in February but I decided to go ahead and offer this because of the incredible amount of people needing it right now

Personal rituals are stronger for the individual if the case is intense or complex that’s why this is offered, the ritual in its self  is intensely strong and very work intensive.. 

I’ve had multiple people need some thing of this nature for months now this ritual is out early only because of the need outweighs my own thoughts and planning

The three key entities involved


  1. Lilith
  2. Mictēcacihuātl
  3. Lamashtu

these are the trio that I will be strongly working with. However, I will also be, including if needed when it is at time of casting the spirits of the intranquilo and Djinn it’s called for..

A.. anything goes

B.. with harm to none (which limits for this ritual)

I really don’t offer this often I would highly suggest using the opportunity for your benefit


do not copy my rituals. This ritual is extremely dangerous if done incorrectly, you could harm yourself or those you love if you do this yourself without instruction, and without knowing I have pacts, contacts & agreements! years of working with these entities and relationships that you have not developed alters dedicated to these entities for years, do not attempt to do something that you have no knowledge of . Period.