The Ritual of “ Sentis Quad Sentio, Da Eis Lucem” Feel Me, See the Light •Lucifer•

The Ritual of “ Sentis Quad Sentio, Da Eis Lucem” Feel Me, See the Light •Lucifer•

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“I am proud to bring to you the Ritual of “Sentis Quad Sentio, Da Eis Lucem” Feel Me, See the Light with Lord Lucifer…

Let’s Meet Lucifer:

Lucifer was one of the most beautiful and indescribable beings created by God, with his wisdom and beauty being described as perfect. He was worshiped by ancient peoples before the Adamic era as the Son of God, the Prince of Peace and as a God of Light and Divinity.

Lucifer is known to be one of the most beautiful angels in the universe, being called perfect in beauty and wisdom. Lucifer's true form was originally an intense light as bright as the sun, expanding and contracting into himself. After his fall, Lucifer's true form became pure darkness, as if in dense, expanding smoke.

Lucifer's angel form was a being of pure beauty, as he embodied both male and female attributes in his body, that is, he was androgynous. Lucifer had a delicate and feminine face, with a slender body and white as snow, with his hair, contrary to popular belief, not being blond or white, but rather reddish red. He had a halo over his head, and features of both sexes. Yet, his main feature was undoubtedly his wings, which were white as light, and there were fourteen in all, representing the perfect number of God, for seven added to seven is fourteen.

Lucifer was one of the most powerful angels and archangels of Yesh, possessing a power so great that it rivals Michael, being a "little" stronger than the Right Arm of God. He has such great power that with a mere snap of his fingers he managed to disintegrate several Cherubim soldiers who were guarding his Cage. Even with his power suppressed to the maximum, he was still more powerful than Leviathan, his current right-hand man, with his full power.

Being both a fallen true archangel and an archdemon, Lucifer is highly a very power fallen angel and demon, being rivalled only by his brother Michael(although is belived that Lucifer narrowly surpassing him) and surpassed by Satan. He is much more powerful than the other fallen angels (aside from Satan and Satanael), and the native demons of Hell, and being the "Morningstar", he retained his angelic powers and beauty. He is considered more powerful than any existing demon kings/lords, and even more powerful than even the likes of demon gods such as Argosax and Mundusand chief deities of most patheons rivaling even some Second-Generetion-Primordials . He possess unimaginable angelic and demonic powers, that upon his appearance on Earth, it causes an unimaginable disasters and distort the very fabric of reality itself.

Lucifer possesses nearly immeasurable knowledge of magic spells on various classes and categories (commonly use by the Angels, Fallen Angels, & Demons). Magic spells that can be categorize as legendary, ancient, lost, advance, or even forbidden spells, that can create massive and devastating effects and destruction. Despite quiet inferior to Gabriel on few steps of skills, Lucifer has proven himself to be a very well-versed and dangerous magic master.

what’s this ritual do?  
This ritual causes a person your target to feel what you feel (especially in love instances) and to experience every feeling but towards you. All the hurt pain and tears (missing someone and etc) they feel it all (including feelings of love and desire).

This ritual also helps someone see the light !! Know their faults, errors and to experience the same that they done to you .. this is a distorted lesson where they see it first hand and experience it as if they done it to themselves .. and regret sets in .

this can cause immense movement in love situations .. 

but can be used in other instances 


DONT COPY THIS RITUAL .. it’s dangerous to do without knowledge and may cause you literal physical harm … DO NOT CAST WITH OUT KNOWLEDGE.. I’ve done this years rethink ..