The Ritual of Pecuniae Daemonum Incrementum - Demonic Money Growth ”

The Ritual of Pecuniae Daemonum Incrementum - Demonic Money Growth ”

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I am proud to present you the Ritual of Demonic Money Growth 

This ritual will be working in the power of 3’s with 3 very specific entities …

1. Mammon : 

The demon Mammon is a Fallen Angel who rules in Hell as an archdemon and prince of tempters. The name Mammon in Aramaic means “riches.” He embodies the second of the Seven Deadly Sins, avarice. Mammon is equated with Lucifer, Satan, and Beelzebub. He serves as hell’s ambassador to England.

2. Clauneck :

Clauneck is well loved by Lucifer, and he is summoned for his ability to bestow wealth, either by bringing money over a great distance or by assisting in the discovery of hidden treasure. Clauneck is the demon of wealth, known to be obedient to his summoners, but only to those who show him the proper respect.

3. Bune :

Bune is a great and a strong Duke, he appears as a dragon with three heads, the third is like to a man; he speaks with a divine voice, he makes the dead to change their place, and divels to assemble upon the sepulchers of the dead: he greatly enriches a man, and makes him eloquent and wise, answering true to all demands, and legions obey him.

•These will be our demonic Three. We will do the ritual with this trio as a demonic power in three !

This ritual brings wealth abundance prosperity luck money riches and any other form you may have to say it to you the client … Through any (with no harm) source possible.. any outlet .. any form what do ever ! 

There is a secondary option that allows any form whatsoever! must request 

to book pay and contact me via instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon. I will need your photo name and dob.