The Ritual of Illness with Pazuzu

The Ritual of Illness with Pazuzu

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This Ritual will be cast with the Underhill Princess which, as you know, is my sister.

This ritual will be done with a entity named Pazuza.

Let’s meet him…

Pazuzu is an Assyrian and Babylonian Demon god of the first millennium B.C.E., who sends diseases, pestilence, and plagues into households. Pazuzu has the feet of an eagle, the paws of a lion, the head of a dog, the tail of a scorpion, bulging eyes, and four wings. Pazuzu rules the hot desert winds of Arabia that wither and kill and is sometimes called upon to provide protection against airborne diseases. Figures of the head of Pazuzu were placed in windows facing outward to ward off his own effects.

This  particular ritual brings mental illness to one’s enemies and in some cases if need be physical illness.


1. No physical harm.
2. Anything goes. 

This ritual will be done in the hour of the moon at night. 

Be wise …, Do not copy what you do not understand.