“ Fac Quad Locutus Es”

“ Fac Quad Locutus Es”

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The ritual of. “Fac Quad Locutus Es” literally translates to - Do what you Said- 

This ritual is for those who are tired of empty promises and broken dreams!!!!!!..

You feel That they have taken part of you by not completing their word. You feel hurt harmed or lost. You have lost something or someone due to the promises which were made by the person you’re targeting. This can be for many reasons but the main one is… LOVE. 

This is the ritual to Make Someone Do What They Said They Would Do. Empty Promises. Broken word.

 This Ritual comes from the Book I have under the altar. My person rituals which I use even for self. 
I will be Working with varying entities in this and some may be demonic. This must be personal and must have divination before casting too Request the entity come forth. The entity which will work with the ritual may be one out of many..,,, MANY. Or May be Many. 

 This is the ritual you want when someone doesn’t do what they said.. 

Example: (I love you marry me… I do… then they don’t), (You will get a raise… then you don’t), (We will be committed… then you aren’t), the list goes on and on. 

to book contact me via instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon

I’ll need name dob and photo of you and the target …and one small paragraph about the promise which was made and was not completed.


A: harm to none

 B: anyway possible


 DO NOT COPY MY RITUALS ! It’s dangerous and you could hurt others.