The Ritual of “ Ego Sum Dominus”-I am your Master-

The Ritual of “ Ego Sum Dominus”-I am your Master-

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This ritual of I am your Master

Powerful words I Am that give way to Many many possibilities by merely stating I am! Now, add in Pomba Gira & Marie Laveau… mmmm that’s a powerful mix in its self! Two very powerful energies that have O f••ks about what others said to them and became masters of many… 

amazing isn’t it! The Power of Courage and Strength wow strong will! And never giving up! 

Let’s look at who is Pomba Gira,

Pomba Gira is the scarlet woman, the sacred harlot, and the lady of crossroads and street lights. An Afro-Brazilian spirit, Pomba Gira derives from the intersection of Iberian, Gitano, and Central African roots. Pomba Gira is the crossroad where these traditions meet. She is a goddess of power, eroticism, death, and vengeance. She has dominion over sex for pleasure and power, not procreation. (That said, she can bestow fertility when and if she desires.) Pomba Gira is an oracular spirit who can reveal the past and future, but she can be a brutally plain-spoken truth-teller. Don’t ask her for information unless you are ready to hear unvarnished truths.

 Now let’s talk about Marie Laveau!

Marie Laveau I reputedly was born in New Orleans in 1794, the illegitimate daughter of Charles Laveau and Margeurite Carcantel. A mulatto of mixed black, white and Indian race, she was from birth a free woman of color. As a young woman, she was tall and statuesque, with curling black hair, flashing black eyes, reddish skin and “good” features. Many wealthy and political individuals, both white and black, paid Laveau for personal advice, intervention in some situation, and protection against any evil energy that might have been placed against them. As a queen for several decades, Laveau was mother to many. People sought her advice for marital affairs, domestic disputes, judicial issues, childbearing, finances, health, and good luck. Marie was a shockingly powerful Voodoo practitioner. actually she was the most famous and most powerful of New Orleans Voodoo practitioners and as such Queen., 

pretty cool isn’t it ! To think about a ritual with these two ! Wooo ….

This ritual can help most situations but is especially good in the area Of love …

needed - Names Dob Photos (if possible) and a small description of what’s needed … a single small paragraph 😳 do not send a large description or it can’t be used .

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