The Ritual of “Ego iustus postulo ut exsisto gauisus”

The Ritual of “Ego iustus postulo ut exsisto gauisus”

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The ritual of. “Ego iustus postulo ut exsisto gauisus” literally translates to - I just need to be happy.- 

This ritual is for those who don’t know what to do anymore ..

they feel like life has lost lustre, there isn’t happiness anymore, you feel you are repeating you day and never enjoying the life you have , for those who feel lost in life, for those who feel they’d prefer to exit life, for those who are really hurt from relationship issues; those in relationships and unhappy there. It goes on and on..

This is the ritual to BRING HAPPINESS JOY AND SATISFACTION to your life .. real happiness ..

I did some hard meditation on this ritual before offering it and serious thought because I know 99% of people reading this genuinely need it or they wouldn’t have clicked the link!  You are unhappy .. and I truly thought of you before offering this….

I can’t guarantee that this will change everything but I promise that it will change something in your life for the better…. I will make sure I give 110% for you because being unhappy and having that inward sadness is something I don’t wish on no one….. 

I want to genuinely help you,

to book contact me via instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon

I’ll need name dob and photo … one petition per booking ..