The Ritual of “Da Mihi Potestatom” Power

The Ritual of “Da Mihi Potestatom” Power

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We are proud to present to you The Ritual of Power!!! Oh yeah you heard that right!!! 

What are elementals? 

Elementals are spirits that personify the four elements — earth, air, fire and water. The term elementals also is applied to nature spirits, which exist in all things in nature and look after animals, insects, birds, rocks and plants. Elementals are summoned to assist in Magic related to nature. 
What are Elements? 

The elements are the four elements of nature — earth, air, water and fire — form the foundation of natural Magic. The elements are associated with the cardinal points of the Magic CIRCLE and with a hierarchy of spirits — beings called Elementals.

What does this ritual do? 

Those ritual empowers!! power!! true power!!  Through these entities and elements we will work a miracle.. increasing your energy, and Power! this ritual is amazing for casters, magic practitioners, witches, even casual. This is the ritual that can do you no harm but in fact even cause healing. Alignment. This can do so much in other areas by increasing your POWER =ENERGY! 

 Casting with The Underhill Princess