The Ritual of “Cheaters Revenge” Confringe eos sicut fecerunt tibi.

The Ritual of “Cheaters Revenge” Confringe eos sicut fecerunt tibi.

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The ritual of “Confringe eos sicut fecerunt tibi” literally means hurt them like they hurt you…

I feel like it’s time to do something about these men & women.

I don’t care if your trying to get back with them or if your in a current relationship, or if you will never take them back… Someone who breaks your heart body and soul deserves to feel the same pain one way or another.

Once someone cheats there is never the same feelings there anymore. They can never prove they love you enough because they chose to pick someone else over you. There is no soothing that kind of cut. They refused to know your value. They didn’t see you. Because they were to busy seeing someone else … the fact that cheaters get away with this sort of life destroying pain is crazy to me… You could love them to the end of the moon but - that doesn’t mean they deserve it .. they deserve to know that pain … one way or another .,

 This is not the kind of ritual that physically harms.. but this ritual will destroy someone with the pain you felt and feel and the level of regret I will add to this ritual will be mind boggling… most ppl think that making them beg will sooth your hurt, but it won’t. Nothing will, betrayal has no cure. But u know what does help just a little ? Knowing that they will never find anyone better that you (it’s in the ritual), knowing that they will regret it for the rest of their life (in the ritual), they will always want you back and above all others (in the ritual), and if you are taking them back - they will never be able to look in your eyes without knowing the pain they caused you entwined with deep regret and sadness, they will never feel they are enough for you and always try to prove it, they will see your value and feel valueless, they will know what it feels like in every way in dreams emotions and that hard physical pain you feel when someone breaks your heart truly … they will know that pain, UNTIL YOU FORGIVE THEM! (In the ritual). 

Ive made this ritual as a true hard core emotional deep revenge on someone who fuxked with your life heart and wellbeing., this is meant for revenge. But a justified revenge ! This is meant to hurt someone who had hurt you irreversibly… because after betrayal you never truly trust anyone the same again .. it leaves a scar. They deserve this … 

This is worse than physical harm.

This is the harm that tears you to pieces from the inside ..

This won’t take away the damage they done to you, But it will leave them damaged and hurt worse than the way they left you! 

Don’t let someone hurt you like this and be free.

Time to show them how hurt they left you. And they emptiness you feel or felt inside …

This ritual will be worked with my Djinn - SHE WILL MAKE THE REVENGE EVERYTHING YOUR HEART WISHES THEY FELT .. every little bit.

And I may include coven members in this as well .. 

as I’m sure they may have their own ppl they may want to add!