The Eternal Soul Tie Ritual

The Eternal Soul Tie Ritual

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Private, personalized, and make big change - The Eternal Soul Tie Ritual is a sacred and exclusive experience. Qualify and consult before booking ….

Current Clients Do Not Need A Consult but you have to at least talk to me before booking 


The Eternal Soul Tie Ritual will involve summoning the following entities:

1. Abaddon (a powerful demon)

2. Agrat-bat-mahlaht (the Queen of Demons)

3. Asmoday (the King of Djinn)

4. Lucifuge Rofocale (a demon of great power)

5. Awar (a powerful djinn)

6. Thoth (an ancient Egyptian god)

7. IGigi (guardians of ancient knowledge and secrets)

8. Enlil (an ancient Mesopotamian god)

9. Shamash (a powerful Sumerian god)

10. Anu (the chief deity of the ancient Sumerian pantheon)

11. Daeva of Daevastana (a tribe of djinn specific to location)


1. 7 2. 180000 + 1 3. 32 4. 1,2,3, 5. 1 6. 3 7. 300 8. 50 9. 20 10. 60 11. 6= 7+180000 +1 +32+1+2+3 + 1+3+ 300+ 50+20+60+6= 180486*2= 90243= 45121*2= 22560*2= 11280*2=5640*2=2820*2=1410*2=705*2=352*2= 176*2=88*2=44*2=22*2=———“11”———


11 is more than just a number, it's a powerful symbol of spiritual significance and potential. It represents your unique journey and holds the key to manifesting your dreams and desires. With the energy of 11, you can open doors and create new beginnings in your life. So embrace this master number and all that it has to offer.


Unlock the full power of this ritual with the sacred number 11 - a crucial and powerful element in the magick of The Eternal Soul Tie Ritual.

THE SEQUENCE IS 180486 everything has a meaning.. 

1+8+4+8+6= “27” This powerful and positive number, 27, is often associated with attributes such as intelligence, intuition, and a profound understanding of spirituality.

If we go even further 2+7=9 
Number 9 is one of the most powerful numbers of all numbers. It embodies the individual who fulfills their divine destiny. This number encapsulates all the elements one can master in a lifetime. Symbolically, 9 holds the highest frequency and encourages living life to the fullest.

This ritual is truly immense and requires a lot of work and experience, this is not a binding like you have experienced before this is much much more - this is tying your souls together throughout space and time, forever.

Initial consultation required. Thank you.