The Epic Cursed Cauldron!!!

The Epic Cursed Cauldron!!!

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The well known epic renown Curse Cauldron is now fully up and running again!!

Now I know for the newbies to my page you won’t know what that means! But let me break it down …

I have and had a cauldron that is literally cursed and curses anyone’s name that goes inside it … that’s 1 thing.. 

next the cauldron is then filled with every type of horrible shhh you can imagine all with the intention to destroy a person in any f”””””” way humanly and spiritually possible !! Which continues growing with every single name that gets added ! Which literally feeds the dark entities inside the cauldron!!! Can we say - offerings- 

oh this is well known to my clients coven friends and family … but if your new .. 

this allows you to make a specific person an offering to the very dark entities within the cauldron and curses them simultaneously…. 
the outcome is so various and can be a light curse to a very very dark outcome leading to many ends … with the emphasis on “we don’t know how tf it will get them” •BUT THEY WILL GET GOT. 

This is by far one of the most precious items in my dark arsenal that I own.. and there is no price on the cauldron I could ever put… So NO PRIVATE Messages on buying it. N.O.  Please respect that.

Now here’s the good part!! You can add a name for a small energy exchange !!  And a genuine I dont give a flying f””” what happens to them .. 👍

you know how to reach me if you found this 😉 reach out to me if you book it