The Big Group Valentines Day of “ፍቅሬ በሰንሰለት ታስሮብኛል።” Feb 14th

The Big Group Valentines Day of “ፍቅሬ በሰንሰለት ታስሮብኛል።” Feb 14th

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This ritual RIGHT HERE!!!! 

I’ve decided to do this TERRIE BIG 

Because why not! YOLO!! 

let’s talk about the entities that will be in this Ritual shall we…

1 Astarte

2 Ishtar



Lucifuge Rofocale



Succubus/ Incubus 

The Intranquilo

Oh my my my … I went there 

above all this the entire ritual will be governed over by LUCIFER & LILITH…  I’m going there too …

Now let’s talk about what this is … and does …

This ritual chains your lover to you …. For as long as they breath… you heard that right . 

This ritual is for those who know what they want. And will do anything to get it don. Who no longer care about walls and barriers, that keep them out. That no longer wish they could do something to change it but rather know they can and will change it. Those who know life is to short to not give their all ! This ritual is for a lover who is tired of unrequited love situations… who is tired of feeling what they wish someone else would feel.... that is what this ritual is.



Hidden Binding (This hides the binding so other witches can not find it)



Mirrored Eyes ( they see you the way you see them through your eyes)


7 Sexual Attraction & Lust


Love Reflection ( they love you the way you love them)



A. Fuck it YOLO

B. I feel guilty so don’t hurt anyone ..

personally I think yolo is a good option

casting Feb 14

hence why I am posting so early ! 
If you’re lucky enough to secure a place before hey run out I will need : Names DOB and photos sent to me via instagram. look in the stories you will find a story that says , Did you Book for Valentine’s Day? Say yes and I’ll get to you Asap….
If the group ritual books up and you still want to book you will need to book special occasion ritual and this will be cast for you personally and custom.

DO NOT COPY THIS RITUAL … by now hopefully you have read enough and seen enough to know better ..

be blessed