Psychic Intuitive Artistry Session

Psychic Intuitive Artistry Session

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So, what’s intuitive artistry? 
Well let’s go over that a bit… 

Intuitive or Process Art is all about connecting with your creative intuition and allowing it to guide you through the process of creating art.

ok now we got that right, so what is Psychic Artistry ?

Well just as you guessed, this is where a spirit, entity, demon, guide & etc is sketched perceiving that being with clear sight through a number of ways. Some of which include channeling. 

Now let’s put them together, A psychic (a term I don’t actually like being called- I prefer gifted bc each psychic is highly gifted in different ways and that is such an umbrella term for unique people) Intuitive Artist …. Well they create something entirely different !

I have been doing this since I was a very little girl and never knew what it was until much older.. some people think of this gift a lot like automatic writing however what I do is very different because I focus on a goal and go deep inside to find it… My goal is to capture what I see surrounding you or inside you … even protecting you.

Many of my clients have specific requests, guides , spirit animals , spirits , deities , entities , even demons .. Yes .. as I said I have a very unique gift and that gift is -eyes that see much more than the average eyes do! I also receive messages if there is any from these beings

 This service is one that is very special for many people because they want to finally meet face to face so to speak certain entities or beings and this gives them a glance at what I see. Which allows people to further their relationships with those beings! Many people keep these images on their altars! or in their Meditative space.

This service isn’t one that is counted in time but rather until I see .. once I see I begin allowing my hands to move and what you see is what I see.. but not controlled by my hands alone …. Some of what I see when opening my eyes doesn’t  look remotely like what I seen while closed and the entities themselves drew it. That’s why messages can be carried through.

The image is sent to you via WhatsApp or Email and with a brief description of what I heard if anything …

to book this you must send a receipt your name dob and photo with clear eyes wide open, via instagram @whispers_ of_the_dark_moon . 
once booked you will likely be waiting a couple days for me to finish bc these usually take at least 2 full deep dives into you.. in the minimal 2 ….

I value your privacy and your art and entities will not be shared with anyone unless you expressively state you would like it shared, and then by all means I will be happy to share! Otherwise what we see inside stays inside 😏😉 That’s a promise 🔒