Need To Talk To Me??? ASAP?

Need To Talk To Me??? ASAP?

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Need to talk to me? Like since yesterday talk to me? Can't wait to talk to me? Need now talk time? This is the only way I can do it. There must be a booking made to make sure you get time. Be aware that this can be at any place, I answer. Any where. In other words this is not always the best choice for a formal reading. But the perfect choice for need help now. (There are readings that can be done using this service but this will likely not involve tarot.)

This is a WhatsApp only service!!! 

Absolutely no calls.

Because I will be answering you no matter where I am. And let's face it, some places we can't talk about certain things. 

You are required to do a couple things to book this service. 

1. Pay.

2. Send me the receipt. 

3. Be patient give me some time to get to you. I could be driving 🙏 or helping someone else. You can expect me to contact you as soon as I'm free. Which does place you as "Asap"

4. You get 30 minutes of you time. Meaning we can talk about what you need to talk about. (Don't attempt anything sexual, I'm not interested! you don't want on my bad side.)

5. Understand that when your 30 min are used. I have to go. Even in the middle of speaking to you. Even in the middle of telling you something. There are many other ppl waiting behind you.  I highly suggest making a plan of how you will use your time. 

My number is provided openly on my Facebook page as well as in Google.. however if you do not have it, or can't find it I can provide it to you upon request through my Instagram page. 


I am simply not placing it here for obvious reasons of the spam bots..