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Insta Sales Pay Here
Insta Sales Pay Here

Insta Sales Pay Here

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This is where we pay for the items we claim my loves ! 
all you do is ..

1. Know the price of your item

2. Add to cart .. go to cart.. Add the amount of that item as a quantity 

example : $25.00 = $1.00x 25 items = $25.00 .. So again just move the quantity up until you reach the price of your item claimed ! 

3. Free Shipping over $35.00!! Yay!

•••• UNLESS YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF THE USA- it will be calculated for you at checkout, if not reach out to us! 

To receive this offer Please use  
Code :  FreeOver35 

After Paying confirm you have paid in the DMs with me! 

Thats it !  Everything will be processed in order received … 

We Ship weekly! So allow seven day processing and preparation of your items to go to you ! All packages in USA are priority mail. Which means FAST DELIVERY! 🚚 

Custom orders DO NOT PAY HERE!


Dear Buyer/Claimer, 

•There is NO RETURNS on Enchanted, Spirit Items, oils or herbal mixes!  Unlessssss they arrive damaged. The reason is, they are meant for you and after you touch them no one else can have them. Therefore we lose time, precious hours and hours to days to months to even a year of work and all items crystals and etc that they are made with are also lost because we have to bury them and give them to 🌍.

 All of our items are for the benefit of the buyer who claims them! And we stand behind that like your GUARDIANS ANCESTORS OR ETC stand behind you!

If there is ever a disclaimer on an Item that needs mentioning as it requires experience WE WILL TELL YOU

So remember if you claim them, they are yours forever🥰. We are more than sure you will be 100% happy with your items or we will provide you ••••••••• in return. I can’t say what that is because it is unique to you. Please reach out to us if any issue !
We are not the boogie man! We are happy to hear and help! If you love it tell us (We are sure you will)! If you can’t handle the energy for whatever reason we got you too! Just come back and chat !!

I have a email just for you guys to send any issues or happy reviews to!🙏 Feel free to review good or bad we love them both (we see a neg review as something we need to work on!), tell us what you want to see next, tell us what we could do better, tell us your favorite color lol but tell us ! We want to know ! We genuinely CARE !  

We are spiritual people and we aim to give back as much as we receive! Be blessed ! 


Please do not use this email for anything other than live sales or purchases of enchanted products etc ! 

Here’s the stuff they make us say to you !

*all items are for entertainment purposes only* (😉)
*Some items may be made with real animal fur skin or etc please consider that if you purchase (allergies)*