The  Ritual of Riches with Clauneck

The Ritual of Riches with Clauneck

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Who's Clauneck?

 Clauneck, he “has power over, goods, money, and finances”, “can bestow great wealth”, and finally, “he is much loved by Lucifer”. Clauneck “much loved by Lucifer” is an agent thereof, and so entrusted with accessing astral bank vault. In the Grimorium Verum Clauneck is first or “numero uno” in the ordering of the eighteen servitor spirits. Clauneck's numbering demonstrates his supremacy within the legion's hierarchy, and denotes the respect held for him by Lucifer. However even more importantly the number one is the first indication of value by which all value is essentially an addition or subtraction of “1” or a sum totals of “1s”. It is through Clauneck that the tradition contained within the Grimorium Verum can go from “0” or un-manifested to “1” meaning manifested, or a no-thing to a some-thing. A brief breakdown of Clauneck's sigil helps insight into his nature. The brain, eye, heart and phallus are four weighing scales by which merit is assessed.

1. The brain with knowledge and experience.

2. The eye deciphering ascetic and contour.

3. The heart through emotional reactions.

4. The phallus by way of sexual charge or interest.

He is simply a Bada*s and I absolutely love working with him ... And that's not only me as he is much loved by Lucifer himself. 

The ritual will be focused of Financial assistance in business as well as financial relief from debt, I am also doing treasure and abundance and freedom, I am adding to those things with money shall fall upon petitioners with no strings attached. Among many other mentions. This is a no petition needed ritual. And will be done like All my rituals GO BIG or GO HOME. 

Must contact me via Instagram


With photo name and dob. 1 petition per candle. If you are needing more than 1 person in this ritual must book a separate petition . 

I've done this ritual a more than a few times before for you guys and Everytime you have amazing results . Well this one is bigger. 😏