Ritual of " Leave me the F***Alone" with Lucifer

Ritual of " Leave me the F***Alone" with Lucifer

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The Ritual of Leave me the F*** alone with Lucifer's wrath is one of my favorite rituals.

You guys know how I love working with Lucifer, but oh how I love teaching people they f***** with the wrong mf'ing one. That hits different doesn't it?

What does this do? 

It escorts someone out the mother f****** door while simultaneously sticking every foot Lucifer can stick up their arse. Interesting right. It also reflects anything they could throw your way.. Even if it’s just a bad look lol! 

So, what does this mean? A filthy dirty exit from your life. A lesson and punishment (nicest way to put it) so they know that you don't travel alone. You have friends in questionable places😏... Because this ritual let's someone see how real witchcraft can be ... (😏😏😏) ... and also blocks them from doing anything back and helps them forget about you.. interesting huh.. 

Oh yes. It does. They get to experience the full wrath and presence of Lucifer in all his glory. And this stops... Only when they heed what is being said.. which will be.... 

"Leave me the F***Alone" 

In every top language spoken in the world.... So they get the 👉☝️

This is not a nice way to remove a person. And block everything they throw at you while making them forget you exist .. But what can I say.. I prefer to teach certain ppl cold hard lessons... ⛧

Who is Lucifer?

Lucifer needs no introduction. He is known around the world. By many names. And is and always will be... The light.