Ritual of Leave Her/Him or Else

Ritual of Leave Her/Him or Else

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Massive Ritual of Leave Him or Her or else, working with داسم

This particular name is not a joke and shouldn't be played with. This is for serious get rid of the other person or else situations .

Where everything else hasn't worked. Where you are tired of‎‎ waiting and have had *A*F*CKING*Nuff*

Get it... This is not a joke. This is not a joke. This is not a joke. This will end someone's relationship one way or another. Only do this if you truly want that bc as I've said this is not a joke. 

The name which I won't speak out loud is a Djinn. Not a small one. Not a big one. A important djinn ... Very very very important. 

His sole job is to break people, couples, marriages up. That's it. Nothing else. 

And you do not😳 want to attempt this at home. Trust me ...

Two choices...

1.. Male

2.. Female 

Must know who is the target .. a male or female

And you must book early. This is limited..

The info needs sent to me via Instagram


And with receipt. There will be no last minute booking. I have been prepping for this one.. Since before my vacation. This is 🚫 a joke.

You ask for a serious very serious breakup.

Well you got it.