Demonic Pact on your Behalf (Verbal)

Demonic Pact on your Behalf (Verbal)

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This is a service I will provide for those serious about working with demonic entities, spirits, and etc. 


This will be done fully in your name. 


This will be done fully for your benefit. 


This will be done solely for you.


I will be the tool you need to achieve your pact. 


Pacts are something that remain until fulfilled. 


This is an amazing chance for someone to make a pact, deal, contract, or get what you need done. Done. 


There will be nothing sent through the mail, This is a verbal Pact. Hence why you will see no shipping on this . 


You will not receive a pact in the mail unless you prefer written pacts done.


A Written pact are on this website. Please look for it. Book the appropriate pact .. This is not the written Pact. 


To book this you must reach out to me via Instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon






** Do not attempt anything past your knowledge, sometimes it's better someone with experience does the work for you**