Danielle the Love Oracle (Coven Member)

Danielle the Love Oracle (Coven Member)

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Danielle a member of The Coven of Whispers offers live readings, Love is her specialty. Twin flame, soulmate, any romantic relationship all are her speciality, including troubled relationships etc..

This is a straight forward Psychic reading which is 30 minutes a reading, she uses her abilities to read for you.  Which are impressive. She’s been a reader for many years.

she does have a schedule and you will be scheduled accordingly…. within 24-48 hours.

This is a live reading where she can channel you. Meaning talking. Via social media chat or phone. NO VIDEO!! 

to book Danielle the Love oracle please reach out to me via instagram after payment with your photo name dob 


Payment and then not reaching out to me will be seen as a donation lol so be wise reach out!