Custom Ritual Booking (Special Occasions & etc) Must have Consult

Custom Ritual Booking (Special Occasions & etc) Must have Consult

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This is specifically for booking Rituals which are in unique auspicious important rare days, this fee is added on to your Ritual fee as an additional charge.


Please do not book this without a consult.

This is merely an outlet for my clients to pay their bookings after a consult. 

Auspicious day examples are:

Friday 13th

Unique celestial events

Halloween/Samhain/Oct 31st

Dia De Los Muertos

Christmas/Yule/Dec 20-25th

Nights Related to specific Entites/demons/deities


There are many unique days that you may need to guarantee your ritual to be cast on with the special methods required for that specific date and/or practice. Something to keep in mind, Some dates or events may never happen again in your lifetime. And generally speaking the places for those dates are ..... LIMITED.

Hence why you must have a consult prior. 

You may book a consult here or with me through Instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon

Must send receipt when booking this.