"Ritual Strengthening" (Custom, Spell, Ritual )* NO GROUP*

"Ritual Strengthening" (Custom, Spell, Ritual )* NO GROUP*

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This is a full Ritual Offering with blood magick to strengthen and boost your ritual work if needed. 

This ritual does involve work with demonic Entites which will vary depending on the Ritual or working, this working will require blood (hence blood Magick) this is powerful. 

This is a giant push, and a very good way to boost the speed of manifestation as well 

This should be booked if deemed necessary or of you would like to intensify your rituals strength and sheer power as part of your ritual ..

This will also keep your other ritual alive... Meaning if your have had a ritual done and it has wanned in some form.. this will bring it back to life. 

This can only be booked with a regular Ritual or spell working. 


 To book Please contact via Instagram with purchase, photos, names, dob @whispers_of_the_dark_moon