The Ritual of " One Wish "

The Ritual of " One Wish "

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Djinn are extremely powerful free willed entities with the power to do almost anything they choose. This working is aimed at both negative and positive intentions and can be used in may ways ... mannnny ways. 

Djinn are extremely serious beings to work with and have no room for error. This will be a very large ritual do to the need to make all agreements final and to be sure offerings were accepted. 

Working with djinn can be very dangerous if you do not know what your doing .. I don't recommend doing this at home children. This working if used correctly can be a very powerful tool .. to change your life. 

The working is open to people who have a wish that they would like to see come to pass. Simple or complex, one single wish. 

1 wish per petition and must be clear. I will write the petition for u... After you tell me what u want. 

I will need photo, name, Dob, if you have ... Otherwise photo. There's power in photos . 

Must reach out to me in Instagram 



First come first serve*************** 

 *All energy exchanges in my rituals have number symbolism..  don't attempt to haggle the exchange or you break the symbolism*