We Are Three “Group Ritual of Protection”

We Are Three “Group Ritual of Protection”

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In response to the community 10444 Ritual I am pleased to present to you the We are Three Group Ritual of Protection... August 1st, For those who wish to be included ! There is a limit ! So first come first serve !!!!!!!! 

This Ritual is being done By Myself, Najla and Noor, 3 casters, 3 rituals, cast at exactly the same time and for the same purpose. The rituals will be unique to each practitioners unique methods of Casting. Which means you will literally be receiving 3 group workings with 3 types of ancient magick. Cast by the power of three. As "We Are Three".

This ritual will be working with our own special entities of protection and we will be casting with deep appreciation to our clients Friends and followers This working we will be working with 3 different entities to complete this working in 3 ways...

1.. Whispers: u will see

2.. Najla : u will see

3.. Noor: u will see

Note:This is not the only types of mágick each practitioner can provide. But in this ritual this is some of the methods we will use. 

**No petition needed** 

We will be casting this straight out as said above.

Once you have made your donation to the spirits contact me via Instagram only @whispers_of_the_dark_moon

Must provide info such as: Name, DOB, Photo. And if there is no name or dob available etc please provide only the photo. Or vice versa. 

** This is a very powerful Group Ritual. We don't play games. We do the working as required and with all knowledge power and strength that is possible. Knowing this, the Ritual will book very fast. I highly suggest you book asap to guarantee your placement in this Ritual**