"Whispers & Noors Ritual of Divine Protection & Justice"

"Whispers & Noors Ritual of Divine Protection & Justice"

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Whispers and Noor  is proud to announce a ritual which has been highly requested... 

The Group Ritual of Divine Protection and Justice...

Noor will be working with Metatron: Who is Metatron? Metatron In Jewish lore, one of the four great ARCHANGELS and the greatest of angels, second only to God and a “Lesser Yahweh”. In various accounts about Metatron, scarcely an angelic duty or function is not related to him. Primarily, he sustains the physical world and carries Jewish prayers through 900 HEAVENS to God. He is an important angelic figure in the MERKABAH and KABBALAH literature and the Talmud. He is huge in size, a pillar of fire with 36 pairs of wings and myriad eyes. His face is more dazzling than the sun. Metatron stands at the top of the TREE OF LIFE as the ANGEL OF YAHWEH. He is a excellent interface between the two realms. The good deeds of people generate a spiritual energy that literally vitalizes Metatron, and, without it, he grows weak and less effective. Remember in a world of negative there is equal positive. Balance. 

Whispers will be working with The Seraphim: Who's The Seraphim? In the pseudo-Dionysian hierarchy of angels, the highest and closest angels to God. The name “seraphim” is thought to be derived from the Hebrew verb saraf, which means to “burn,” “incinerate,” or “destroy,” and probably refers to the ability of seraphim to destroy by burning. The seraphim may have evolved from the uraeus, the gold serpent (specifically a cobra) worn by Egyptian pharaohs on their foreheads. Uraei without wings and with two or four wings were depicted in iconography throughout the Near East. They protected by spitting their poison, or fire. The seraphim who became angels in lore perhaps originally had serpent forms with human characteristics. In the Hebrew Bible, the term saraf is applied to fiery serpents. Numbers 21:6–8 refers to fiery serpents sent by the Lord to bite and kill sinning Israelites. After Moses prays for forgiveness, he is instructed to set a fiery serpent atop a pole. Whoever was bitten by it, when he looked upon it, would live. Moses makes a bronze serpent. Deuteronomy 8:15 refers to the “fiery serpents” and scorpions in the land of Egypt. 

This Ritual is Divine Protection with Justice.. and it will do just that. This ritual is by request. And by many. Both casters involved have chosen a high energy being or beings to make this as powerful and as possible working with these energies. We want to make pure force of protection. That actually causes divine Justice (retribution). 

There are no choices in this Ritual as this is Divine Energies. 

There is no Petitions needed. 

This ritual requires a lot of work. When I say a lot of work, I MEAN A LOT OF PREP AND WORK. A lot. 

TO BOOK contact me via Instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon with photos names dob... And your receipt. 



🔒Please Note: I do not teach my rituals to anyone. If anyone claims they know them, or anything associated to them, they are lying to you. I personally make these rituals. There is no others like them. Anywhere, only here, with me. There are many who try and attempt to copy my rituals even down to the names, the quotes, the colors. But know this.... Nobody other than me, knows how to do my personal "occult" rituals. Nobody. Not even my coven members know my personal "occult" Rituals (occult=hidden). You can only get my hands, mind, and knowledge, through me. Meaning even my We are Three covens hold their own ritual privacy as well. Not even my students or covens know my personal rituals. These are my private, personal workings. And there is no one who can replicate them at all. Or the We are Three Rituals for that matter, Anywhere. It's extremely dangerous to attempt to copy Rituals which you do not know anything about. Do not attempt to copy. 




This is a We Are Three Ritual and as such impossible for anyone to know. Other than We Are Three.