The Ritual of Renewal (Bring life to past Rituals)

The Ritual of Renewal (Bring life to past Rituals)

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This ritual will breath life into any ritual which was cast by me in the past or present 

If you have a ritual that was cast by me and you want to bring it back to life or the energy has waned over time for whatever reason this will bring it back to its former self and very possibly even more than before as we can additionally book blood magick with this ritual and make this POWERFUL

however if this ritual is cast after a fresh ritual casting it will enhance and empower the working .. in other words this will make it way stronger.

This is a very very beautiful tool in ritual work as it layers the rituals and connects the energies and then enforces them .. just a wonderful tool for anyone looking breath life and power into a ritual … But it must be cast by me! 

I do not cast this ritual on others rituals .

To book this you must contact me via instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon with payment proof name dob and photo. Along with your ritual information which will be requested at time of scheduling ! This is a powerful tool if used correctly! 


Note: I made this ritual. There is no other like it. Anywhere, only here. There are many who try and attempt to copy my rituals even down to the names, the quotes, the colors. But know this.... Nobody other than me, knows how to do my handmade personal "occult" rituals. Nobody. Not even my coven members know my personal "occult" Rituals (occult=hidden). However, we are three rituals are created individually. Meaning they themselves hold their own ritual privacy as well. But not even my students know my personal rituals. These are my private, personal workings. And there is no one who can replicate them at all. Or the We are Three Rituals, Anywhere. It's extremely dangerous to attempt to copy Rituals which you do not know anything about.