The Ring of Protection
The Ring of Protection
The Ring of Protection

The Ring of Protection

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Black Rutilated Quartz ring in sterling silver size 6.5.

The wearer receives the gift of:

Ultimate protection. Of physical body and of spiritual body. This protection even protects from magical spells and psychic attacks.

Begin using only Black Rutilated Quartz in crystal therapy as you become familiar with its strength, add more stones. Always remain in tune with the person with whom you are preparing, since these stones may have to be removed with the limited warning of a second if their energies are not properly assimilated.

Considered the “ruler of the crystals”, with its transparent shine, it symbolizes clarity, truth, innocent beauty, profound faith. Quartz is a colorless and transparent crystal. It is formed starting from a pure solution of Silicic Acid, by hydrothermal process, in druse or cracks. There is a variety of this mineral called “Ghost Quartz”, which is formed on the surface, if the crystal has long periods of time (millions of years) for its growth.

According to the ancient Greeks, the Ialino Quartz was ice, formed at very low temperatures. (Its name derives from the Greek: “Krystallos Yalos”, “Transparent Crystal”, then also translated as “Light Ice”.) In all cultures, this crystal has always been considered a mineral with magical and therapeutic powers. It was often used to treat illness and to chase low-frequency energies, and to instill in the person, strength and vital energy.