The Ring of lovers
The Ring of lovers
The Ring of lovers

The Ring of lovers

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A sodalite ring in sterling silver size 7 .. This ring has been enchanted with the gift of love strengthening and attraction. 

The wearer will receive the gifts of :

Attraction-  sexual


Stronger relationships



Magical Properties

- A calming, stabilising stone, sodalite brings inner peace, grounds, and clears up mental confusion. It aids in harmonising the conscious and subconscious mind, boosts intuition and meditation. Sodalite can be used for self reflection and making divination more accurate.

- Sodalite is excellent for issues concerning communication; it brings out honesty in people, gives people confidence to speak, aids relationships, and is helpful in group tasks. Its communication benefits probably stem from its more potent property of peace and harmony.

- Keep sodalite in your pocket or around your house so that peace will flow around you.

- The stone stimulates endurance, and is hence good for athletes, students, etc. Students in particular because sodalite is used for its intelligence, learning, wisdom, and rationality.

- Sodalite is helpful in identifying and freeing ourselves from old attitudes and behaviour patterns that hinder us.

- Also used for healing, stress reducing, cleansing, courage, and eliminating guilt.

- Due to its intuition related perks, and its uses in communication, it is associated with the throat and third eye chakras.

Medicinal Properties

- Sodalite can be used to help thyroid issues.

- Wear it to help weight loss.

- It can be used to help the regulation of blood pressure, ease water retention, be beneficial for glands, digestive system, relieving insomnia, and decreasing calcium deficiency.

- Sodalite speeds up the recovery from colds.

- It’s useful for healing and opening the throat and third eye chakras.