The power of Three & We are Three Rituals & Spells

The power of Three & We are Three Rituals & Spells

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We are Three is a Coven of 3 witches!! We are sisters and the embodiment of the Power of Three. 

We cast x 3 with 3 unique spells cast on the exact same day, same hour, same minute. Same goal. Your goal. This is like getting 3 rituals, with 3 casters, x 3. But booking 1 ritual. 


****A very unique service I have been blessed to be able to offer you! It took me years to form a covens I trust, in the power of three... Something rare to find now a days.. People are forgetting the old ways more and more every single day ****


We each have our unique abilities and our unique are of specialty.


Each of us with many many years experience.

I myself (whispers) grew up in witchcraft and am a 9th generational witch. (Which is extremely rare to be able or have the benefit of knowing your heritage and lineage back that far!). Apart from that fact I practice many different forms beliefs and areas of magick (I am a walking talking book very literally). I even teach this knowledge to my covens and students. I am an Occultist, learning teaching and practicing my magic is what I do. I have very close relationships with many entities. Many. I have strong roots in Red Magick, Demonic Magic, Dark/Black Magick, Blood Magick, Necromancy, Chaos Magick, Ceremonial Magick.. I could literally go on and on. I've been practicing my entire life. That many years .. and I'm not confessing how many lol!

Aelia is a experienced practitioner of Hoodoo Traditions, along with her Rootwork she is very talented in working with her Ancestors and Spirits which she has an extensive relationship with. She is a very talented reader and does not practice hoodoo alone. Altho it is her special area ... Aelia works with divine energies as well as Dark energies. She is very balanced. 

Noor is a daughter of Lilith, she has strong knowledge in astrology and planetary magick.. And makes excellent charts (you should ask for one), so surprisingly enough her energy is the lighter part our threesome yet again, However she can get very dark energy if need be. 

We truly have a strong balance of dark and light going on here. 

Each booking must have a consult before paying through this link. The sole purpose of this link is to provide a simple payment option if you choose. 


Must speak to us to book. 


Must have consult. 




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If you have not spoke to one of us. Do not pay.


If you pay before speaking to us we will consider this a donation bc you were warned😉