The Ritual of “Maledictio Generationum”

The Ritual of “Maledictio Generationum”

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This ritual translates to “ Generational Curse”

 This is serious here.

 Black Magick

 A very serious curse which is placed upon a family line or bloodline going from one generation to the next. This should be a curse you think is much deserved and considered before doing.. 

-but let me say this-

Most people don’t curse to this extreme unless intense pain trauma or hardships were encountered, where the one whom is harmed finally lashes out for justice against a person so foul that they deserve to pay for generations to come. Therefore, you receive no judgement here if you deem this needed or necessary because no one but you can feel the depths of your suffering. 

Demonic entities will be tied to the persons bloodline and the curse it’s self will be hidden within traps. There will be no seeing or finding whom has cast/done  this ritual,  as it will also be shrouded in the vast darkness of void from which all is and isn’t. 

to Book: contact Me only with names dob and photos via instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon

Note: I made this ritual. There is no other like it. Anywhere, only here. There are many who try and attempt to copy my rituals even down to the names, the quotes, the colors. But know this.... Nobody other than me, knows how to do my handmade personal "occult" rituals. Nobody. Not even my coven members know my personal "occult" Rituals (occult=hidden). However, we are three rituals are created individually. Meaning they themselves hold their own ritual privacy as well. But not even my students know my personal rituals. These are my private, personal workings. And there is no one who can replicate them at all. Or the We are Three Rituals, Anywhere. It's extremely dangerous to attempt to copy Rituals which you do not know anything about