The Free Group Ritual of “ Noli Stupri Tacitus Me” •Don’t F •••••g touch me•

The Free Group Ritual of “ Noli Stupri Tacitus Me” •Don’t F •••••g touch me•

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This Ritual is absolutely free to you however If it’s in your heart I appreciate donation for supplies used.

I have seen many rituals for love, self love, self worth, healing, and etc for women and men of sexual assault or Rape but I never see real true justice offered. 

I am not the nice guy when it comes to rape or associated actions which are not welcomed… I am the devil in a dress and running shoes with a KNIFE in one hand and A BRICK in the other while wearing a smile that you will never wipe from ur memory . I am the Bad guy and Justice all combined in one person but throw in Hannibal Lector. That being said this isn’t the nice ritual as others offer. This is the s••• that should have been done on the first place. This ritual is ur tears fears anger hurt pain rage and all the in between returned back to the one who “Touched your Body” 


Time to F••• up the F••kers who hurt you …

Thats what I’m doing free, I’m giving you the real revenge of what you really deserve … I’m giving you the chance to pay that •*%%££<*#£*{£€}€,€ … back.  Because nobody deserves for their body be touched without permission … 

If you need help all you have to do is ask. 
If your in a situation where u need help … speak to me. 
If it was your child you ate welcome too. Speak to me. 


casting the 31st of each month 


To book this u must reach out to me via Instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon with names dob and photos.