Sophia Noor of XRoadsSpiritsX (Coven Member)

Sophia Noor of XRoadsSpiritsX (Coven Member)

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Noor we all know!!! She is a epic little badassshhh that is both part of The Coven of Whispers and We are Three! Featured in many of my rituals and very well known. This is one of my girls and has earned her keep so to speak! She is my personal Minion and that says a lot about her I’m sure ! 
She is available for booking any time ..  

 1. New moon road cycle road opener spell
2. Full moon manifestation ritual
3. Shadow work journey ritual
4. Lilith dedication ritual
5. Road opener - psychic abilities
6. Blockbuster - general
7. Blockbuster - Trauma Healing
8. Self love ritual with Aphrodite
9. Sweeten & renew relationship
10. Mind control
11. Cord cutting - people
12. Cord cutting - situations
13. Abundance and prosperity
14. Financial wealth and abundance
15. Learning Empowerment Ritual for students, trainees or anyone endeavoring to learn anything
16. Romance/Relationship Attraction Spell
17. Me & Only Me Domination
18. Women/Femme Scorned Ritual with Lilith
19. Lilith - Femme fatale seduction ritual
20. Chakra healing
21. Evil eye Protection
22. Evil eye removal
23. Return to me love ritual
24. Break up ritual

She can be booked through me via instagram @Whispers_of_the_dark_moon I must receive names dob and photos ..

She will book you within 24-48 hours (she’s good at scheduling!)