LINZYGREY The Crossbones Witch (Coven Member)

LINZYGREY The Crossbones Witch (Coven Member)

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Linzygrey is an experienced witch with many years practicing. She is also one of my coven girls which means she very special to me.. I’ll list some of the services she books for:

Court Case/Justice
Come to Me
Abre Camino/Road Opener
Psychic Awareness
Firey Wall of Protection
Tapa Boca/STFU
Self love
Happy Marriage
New Love/Attraction/Chuparosa
Reconciliation/Come Back to Me
Run Devil Run
Crown of Success
Block Buster/Remove Blockages
Remove Jinx/Uncross
Break Up
Bitch Be Gone/Banishment
Pay Me NOW

As you can tell a very talented rootworker, healer, and practitioner! 

To book Linzygrey you will need to contact me after payment via instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon

Please provide names dob and photos in the same message..

“Coven of Whispers member Linzygrey” will book you within 24-48 hours for your casting …

All castings are posted with a video and photo..