Lilith Altar Plaque
Lilith Altar Plaque

Lilith Altar Plaque

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I decided a while back to make things people can not find. Items for alters that are simply non existant. That is my goal with my items. To give the public real witchcraft. Real items. All handmade. With a purpose ... This item is a Lilith alter plaque featuring a sculpted face of lilith with sigil in both front and back.. Highly detailed and the camera shot does no justice. Cleansed and fully prepared for immediate placement on your altar. Lilith is a Dark Goddess, she is one of incredible power, charisma, and persuasion. She is a mistress of the divine feminine and a true seductress. She is a rare beauty that excites the desires of the flesh and she can bring her lovers to their knees. Lilith encompasses the night and is the mistress of Darkness. She is a Dark Goddess through and through being able to bend and shift the darkness and stillness of the night. Be blessed my darlings