Full Genuine Custom Spell Kit

Full Genuine Custom Spell Kit

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This is a genuine real spell... 

No random gimmick here..

You will get enough products to make this happen. Meaning oils herbs crystals etc... What ever the case may be for the spell you need. Including candles which will carry custom images like I personally use because these spells will be based on what I think that you need and what I personally would do. 

Most kits will include .. Candle, herbs, oils, crystals and many things your never told you would need. Because truth be told, if someone gave you all the truth of it, would you need 2nd and 3rd and 4th candles? We arent doing that here .. not today ... Not tomorrow. You will get what you need the very first time.

These kits are literally the only place you will find candles in my shoppe. I do not believe in randomly selling candles and making people think that a candle alone will make their life better. Real spells require work. You will have to put in the effort here. And you will do real spells ... 

*do not think I will provide your petition for you. Real spells done by you should be personal and true to what your heart and intuition say write. I will on the otherhand tell you what I would do in your case keeping it as beginner as possible.*

Heres where I have to give you the TRUTH...

Spells do not work for everyone. Meaning the spell you buy here today has great results with many of my clients, but it requires great efforts. If your not putting great efforts into these spells, your results could be not so great too... Also Meaning although they work for me, for her, for him, for the neighbors, for your uncle henry, They may not work the same for you. BUT DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED!!! Try again. Try a new spell!!! Although this one or that one didnt do it... The next one truely may! We as casters, witches and psychics did not become who we are over night .... Never give up. 

You hear me... If its worth it to you... 


Ok .. That said... Lets talk about how we do this ...

1.You will need to purchase your kit

2.You will need to send me a reciept for the purchase and all info about why you need this kit. And your situation. 

Email: spellkitinfo@gmail.com

3. I will need at least 7 days to make your spell for you. Then it will be shipped. 

*As Im sure you can tell by now, this is not your average kit.