Evil Eye Amulet
Evil Eye Amulet
Evil Eye Amulet

Evil Eye Amulet

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This is a Enchanted Item. This is not your average item and has been cast upon for a specific purpose. These items may be worn continuously as long as you cleanse and charge them. I highly recommend under moon energy and placed on your altar if possible. Otherwise left under the moon will do. Cleansing should be done once a month ..   

This item has been enchanted to manifest the bearers dreams and truest wishes.

Again as this is a magical item please treat it as so.

This Pendant is Made of sterling silver. And is the Amulet of The Evil Eye .. Also know as the hand of Fatima, hand of Hamsa. It is an Ancient symbol of protection symbolizing The Hand of God. It not only protects you but also brings you luck, health, happiness, and good fortune. It has been fully cleansed blessed and cast upon to bring about all of those things while reflecting the glare of the Evil Eye.

Whats the Evil Eye? 

Its a glance. A look .. that carries the ability to cause a person injury or death on those it falls. Not everyone has this ability and not many know they do this. It is born of Jealousy and grows into a hatred which when cast with a glance destroys the life of the one it falls.