Element Set of Palmstones
Element Set of Palmstones

Element Set of Palmstones

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This is a set of element palmstones which can be carried, meditated with, or used in spellwork. They have been cleansed and charged. 

Fire element: masculine, passion, creative, will power, drive, sensuality, authority, leadership, celestial light. 

Red Jasper: empowerment, strength, resisting domination of others, courage, recovery. 

Air Element: The breath of life, electrons, energy, intellect, curiosity, intuition, emotion control, grace, power.

Quartz Crystal: spirtual receptiveness, master of healing, magnify or amplify healing, attunes, power, purity, patience.

Water element: fluidity, emotions, purification, dreams, deep, fertility, birth, sensibility.

Sodolite: rationality, truth, intuition, emotional balance, immune system, metabolism, self-esteem, self acceptance, self trust.

Earth Element: wisdom, stability, grounding, reliability, shelter, nourishment, feminine energy, manifestation, prosperity, powerful energy.

Aventurine: metabolism, good luck, abundance, healing, chakras, spiritual healing, excellent for prosperity talismans.